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Nationwide shortage of truck drivers impacting Central Florida

Analysis shows US in need of more than 60,000 truck drivers

A 2019 analysis by the American Trucking Associations indicated the United States is currently in need of more than 60,000 truck drivers. If the trend continues, it could see a shortage of 160 thousand truck drivers by 2028.

“We have a high average age for current truck drivers pushing 50 years old,” Costello said. “Because you can’t drive interstate freight until you’re at least 21. So, what you find is: if you go to a truck driving training school people are in their 30s when they’re getting trained, so it pushes up the average age. We have high retirements, that’s an issue.”

Goodwill of Central Florida is among the companies short on truck drivers.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve had a lot of transportation needs that go up; especially here in the southeastern United States,” Albert Robinson, director of logistics for Goodwill of Central Florida, said. “We’re trying to backfill those positions as quickly as possible unfortunate thing is you’re not getting as much foot traffic coming in to fill those applications as you were several years ago.”

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