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GE and Einride roll out first autonomous EV trucks in the U.S.

Einride, the Swedish manufacturer responsible for the very slick self-driving Pod EV trucks, is finally coming to the U.S. thanks to a partnership with GE Appliances. Announced earlier this week, Einride will be providing its first stateside fleet of Pod trucks to GE’s 750-acre Appliance Park campus in Louisville, Kentucky, before expanding to other sites in Tennessee and Georgia.

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES ARE APPROACHING — After years of overpromises and false starts, it seems like self-driving vehicles are finally entering the public sphere (... just not from Tesla). Earlier this month, California approved autonomous taxis from both Waymo and Cruise, and even made sure to pass a law requiring all future self-driving vehicles to also be fully electric.

Autonomous delivery trucks are also coming outside of the Einride-GE Appliances deal: FedEx is currently testing out a truck route in Texas, while Walmart is looking into similar projects for Miami, Washington D.C., and Austin through a partnership with Ford.

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